COVID19 for Child Care Programs

During COVID, parents have FAQ (frequently asked questions) surrounding how this illness influences child care programs and family access to care.  When will the program be closed for COVID?  For how long?  What is quarantine and how long does it last?  So here is the best we can do with the information up to this […]

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Being a Teacher, Mid-Pandemic

Being a Early Childhood Educator or teacher in the middle of a pandemic, is an entirely different beast.  Public school teachers are the new hero’s and zero’s of our communities.  Some families are angry for not having in person classes available while others see the struggle public school teachers daily face trying to manage a

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COVID19 on the inside

It has been a minute since I last posted.  Life as a child care provider during COVID has been a wild … adventure?  Since March 2020 there have been at least seven rule changes to date.  Those changes were anything small from two page documents, to one document being 62 pages.  Life in early March

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The Snow Pacalypse 2016

Wow there was a lot of snow the last 48 hours.  We recorded 26″ here at Bend Preschool!  That might possibly be a record of some sort.  The snow pacalypse of 2016, has passed, sidewalks have been blown off, parking made available and we are all set for Friday.  Drive safe on your way to

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Laundry and preschool

“NO, I can’t leave MOM!  I can’t find my socks!  And my pants don’t fit any more!”  screamed my 6 year old daughter as we were late for school the 5th time this week.  That was it.  I’m going to have to get another late slip in the office. My mind wandered back to the

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Books, How to invest in Reading

Reading.  It is the single most talked about thing in current culture. “Can your infant read?”  “When will my preschooler read?”  “Why can’t my second grader read?”  “My friend has a child with dyslexia and she can’t read more than a sentence without a headache.” Each day, reading seems to be more of a focus.

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Little Hearts

Every year, around this time of year my heart feels.  It feels more than I like.  Don’t know about you, but I love to feel happy.  The warm feeling of falling in love with a new baby, a first love, new puppy, finding a soul mate -I love these feelings. The feeling a mother feels

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Maggie -A Child’s Best Friend

Meet Maggie; she is our loving and snugly puppy friend at Crawmer’s.  Maggie is going through Canine good citizen classes.  Our students are learning in class what it means to care for a puppy. Today when Maggie entered our family, she was greeted with open arms.  Children were in awe at her loving and cuddly

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