Founders & Careers

Our History

Our company was founded in 2000 by Russ and Ruth Crawmer who have a passion for children and families in Bend, Oregon, providing valuable careers for teachers in Central Oregon.

Russ and Ruth Crawmer began in a small home in North East Bend in 2000, with just a few children.  In 2003 they had expanded to a larger building with over 3000 square feet.  In 2006 the program expanded to a second location, in 2008 a third location.  In 2010 a fourth location was opened.  By summer of 2012 they opened a large center and closed the smaller locations.  In 2014, another center for 100 students was built.  Now with nearly 250 students and 50 staff the program was busy.  In 2016 Ruth and Russ Crawmer retired from the large centers and moved back to a smaller setting with just 16 students.  Then with a large waiting list in 2019 an infant center was opened to support the baby boom in Bend.  In 2020 the Crawmer's applied to Preschool Promise to serve families at no charge.  The grant was awarded and the Galveston location opened in September 2020.  Now Bend Preschool has two family focused locations, and one Center serving Bend's need for child care.

Over the past 20 years Crawmers has developed and shared early childhood education statewide.  Teaching classes, and working with child care providers in Salem, Portland and Eugene, working with legislators in Salem, the Crawmer's stay active to support and engage on a professional level with other like minded preschool and child care professionals who make this career their passion.



Our Mission

Build a world-class learning environment for young minds.

We provide child care and education for infants to school age with year round preschool, full and part week, full day options, and K-7th grade after school, school vacation and summer camp programs. We are here to serve our community and be a resource to families searching for preschool and child care within the Bend area.


Growing young minds is a destination stop for us

If that is your destination in life as well, we would love to meet you.  Fill out an application and call today to set up an interview.  Careers in child care are an essential jobs in Bend, Oregon.


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