All meals and snacks provided

Here at Bend Preschool, we believe in nutrition!  Meals that are made from whole foods, not pre-made, or frozen, provide our students with extra nutrition that students with packed meals just miss out on.  We pride ourselves on cooking tasty meals from scratch that our kids just love.

Here is our current menu:

What's on the menu

Balanced meals are very important to Bend Preschool. Without the proper nourishment a child can develop weak bones, joints and muscles. As your child grows, his or her brain is developing and the proper nourishment keeps your child alert and awake to learn through out the whole day while giving energy and vigor. With properly balanced meals their day doesn’t end in a sugar “crash” leading to behavioral issues at home and school.


Healthy meals at High Pointe Preschool in BendAt Bend Preschool we prepare our meals and goodies from scratch. From our amazing berry scones and pumpkin muffins we bake all kinds of goodies that are low in processed sugars but high in taste and flavor. Our lunches consist of things like baked white Macaroni & Cheese or Chicken Noodle soup with hand cut veggies and handmade noodles, your child is sure to love the weekly menu.

From our organic whole grain breads and brown rice to our home grown garden and yummy produce, we take great pride in serving the best tasting (and sounding) foods to our students and staff. Everything served is restaurant grade—quality and taste. You won’t find any chicken nuggets on our tables, only the best tasting whole foods served up tasty, warm and beautifully apportioned. Students here can eat as much food as their growing bodies desire, equaling happy and healthy students.

Food allergies? You are welcomed here. We specialize in working with children with wheat & gluten, dairy, soy, corn as well as food coloring allergies. If food allergies are a concern for you, or your child has a food allergy, we welcome families to bring the food needed to support their students allergy needs and we will provide the other ingredients.

For our infants, only the choosiest of foods are “hand milled” for our little ones to savor the best nutrients for growing young, healthy bodies.