Affordable Preschool Family Fun Vacations

It can be challenging moving into a new area, or having your first child.  What is there to do for kids in our area?  Here is part 1 of the three part series.  where to take your family on adventures or vacations.

Local Fun
High Desert Museum:  Here is a day full of as many fun adventures as you could dream of.  From life on the ranch, feeding chickens, pumping water, to zoo animals -there are many child friendly activities here.  Twice a year you can check in here on a FREE day!  Check their website for details. Click Here for website.

Camping in a Yurt:  Unknown-3  In Oregon there are these cool things called Yurts!  They are set up with beds inside at a camp ground.  My favorite are along the Oregon Coast and they are SUPER affordable.  You literally pack your suitcase, a sleeping bag and food, then stay camping style without the cost.  Yurt costs vary but they are a cheap option.  You can select your date through Reserve America, prepay and you are ready to go.  Hint -book ahead…. like WAYYYY ahead.  These are a gem and locals know it!

Mount Bachelor -FREE Skiing:  You heard it here, Mount Bachelor has my vote over any other mountain in the US!  They have a lift called Carosel where you and your child can LEARN to ski though experience for FREE.  Let me repeat that… FREE.  I know… pick your jaw up off the floor.  Bend is really heaven.  You need your own gear or are wonderful places to save some money when getting equipped.

Wanoga Snow Park -tubing and sledding:  It is a whole $5 (for the parking pass)!  Bring your own gear.  Occasionally there are food trucks there.  Make sure to pack snacks.  My clan is always starved after our adventure.

Bouncing off the Wall: Is the weather less than outdoor weather today?  Need something to run off some energy?  Look no further!  This is a great place to get out the wiggles.

Mountain Air:  Indoor trampoline park is fun for all ages, adults and kids alike!  You can jump for 30 minutes or two hours.  There is dodgeball, a small kids area, foam pit even basketball.  This is a hoot with a large group or for birthday parties.  It is little more on the spendyside, but a fun memory.

Bend Rock Gym:  Children who are old enough to walk can enjoy BRG.  With auto belay technology, you can climb along side your preschooler or your spouse.  No previous rock climbing experience needed.  We usually go for an hour and rent shoes while there.  It is along the spender actives and well worth it.

Juniper Swim:  In the winter there is great swimming at Juniper.  The price is very affordable and it is a great way to tire out your active kids.  In the summer, the outdoor swim and water play area is open.  No additional fee’s are charged and you can bask out in the sun while enjoying the pool with your littles.

Cascade Indoor sports:  I LOVE roller skating and I’m hoping it will come back strong like it was in the 80’s!  Cascade Indoor Sports has roller skating.  Great music, games, reverse skate… the only thing missing is couples skate.  Considering these are our kids and we aren’t the kids… couples skate can be left out.  Affordable and fun.  Skate times are listed on their website and usually there are additional hours on non school days.

Bend Lava Cave:  This link is to trip advisor for this special monument of amazement.  We took our boys when they were infants here.  Wonderful memories and it is breath taking.  We went in the summer time as the natural AC was just what we needed.