Your child’s early experience in child care will shape who they become as a young child.  With the love and attention we’ve given out over the last 21 years at Crawmer’s, we’ve seen our students accomplish amazing things!

Like the preschoolers, the infants are encouraged to reach their next milestone.  Through visual and auditory stimuli for infants as well as one on one time, infants are continually challenged to play, learn, and grow.  With parent conferences, you have the opportunity to meet with the teacher who daily engages your baby, to ask questions and see where they are developmentally.  At our child care, ASQ is a main function of our conferences with families.  This allows us to connect with families and partner knowing what is seen at home and what is being displayed int the classroom.


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1717 NE Hwy 20
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Take a look at what we offer each day…

Small Groups :  One (1) teacher for every four (4) infants means there is always a set of arms available for an infant.  There is never a lack of loving arms to hold every baby.

Dedicated Staff:  With Russ and Ruth Crawmer having dedicated 21 years to early childhood education, you are guaranteed to have consistent faces.  Russ and Ruth hire dedicated teachers who love and cherish our young students.

Infant Certified Staff:  Bend Preschool requires all staff to have 60 hours in training specific to infants and toddlers.  All staff is also Infant/Toddler CPR & 1st Aid Certified, SIDs safe sleep trained and complete annual training of 20 hours or more.

Meals and Snacks:  Infant and toddler have developing palates and diets.  Breakfast, AM and PM snacks are provided and families provide lunch.

Breast Feeding Welcomed:  a wide variety of options for both nursing and bottle feeding families.  Mothers are welcome to come in and breast feed, or bring in the breast milk to be bottle fed to their children.  Formula feed infants are also welcome.

Reach Your Teacher:  Just pick up the phone and you can reach your child’s teacher at any time.  No waiting in line, no middle man.

Essential Oils:  Supporting sleep time, play time and craft time -oils are diffused to support positive transitions for these events in our classroom.  All natural oils are used as a way to support a positive smelling environment in place of chemical scented substances.

Infant Massage:  Physical touch to promote growth, relaxation and circulation.  With staff trained in infant massage, infants who are experiencing stress can be soothed through physical touch.

Private Park  Setting:  The outdoor space consists of nearly 1/4 acre of room for your baby.  Shade trees, grass, fresh fruits and veggies in the garden and toddler friendly equipment.  Your child can enjoy the sun and shade in the serene setting.  The best part, it is fully fenced with no strangers!

Gross Motor Development: Working the muscles and brain together to encourage growth.  From tummy time to staff working one on one with your child, reaching mile stones and encouraging both upper body and lower body strength is the job of your child’s teacher.

Infant Feeding Routines :  Teaching parents and infants the value of meal patterns, allowing infants to eat and sleep as needed.  Teaching wellness and health through daily meals and sleep patterns, as appropriate to their age, infants are encouraged to grow.  This growth is stimulated through vocalization, problem solving and feeling confident with their peers while building self esteem in a fun, infant friendly environment.  Crawmer’s believes infants do not have to scream to be fed.  There are other more effective ways for our infants to communicate with us other than screaming.  Parents are encouraged to play an active role while infants are at Bend Preschool.

Exclusive Transition Area:  Exclusively used for children ages 6 weeks to 12 months.  The green growth room, is a shoe free zone, where older children are not allowed inside.  The babies use this room to nap in, have free play without the influence of older peers and to transition to and from nap.  However, infants are not restricted to this room.  Infants experience all of the centers Bend preschool has to offer and our dual large, stimulating outdoor environment.

Literacy Programming:  Through speech, book reading, object vocalization and voicing infants are taught the value of language skills.  They are rewarded with positive words and excitement as they make progress in language.

American Sign Language:  Taught to children from 6 months and up.  ASL is a wonderful way for infants to communicate to the adults around them.  Language skills begin to develop between 12-18 months but their brain becomes frustrated when they want to communicate and can’t.  ASL is the perfect outlet, letting the infant tell us their needs or wants and being able to have those fulfilled brings great self confidence and satisfaction.

Toddler School Program: Toddlers as early as 12 months begin exploring their curiosity through art.  These early toddlers are encouraged to check out the materials, try them out and learn how to use them.  Crafts are complete at the toddler’s own speed when they have the desire to; allowing these beginning students to explore and learn when they are ready.

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