Bend Preschool

Searching for Bend Preschool is the hardest thing working families face when putting their child in child care or daycare while working.  Finding something that meets our desires as a parent just seems like it doesn’t exist in Bend.  What program has foods home made with love, a place where friends will openly welcome my child into their circles, teachers work with my child in a loving and playful manner.  Where can I find a preschool classroom where the teachers stay and teach curriculum that my child will grow, understand and be excited about?  At Bend Preschool, you will find all of this and a warm welcoming community of other families who went on this same search to find these things with more than four hours a day, families also have a child care option while they are working.

We know that finding a daycare, child care or preschool location near to your home, work or school is an important factor in your child care choice.  This is why we are centrally located in Bend.

In our site you will find many of our pictures come with parent testimonials.  Simply click on the play button to hear what parents of our students have to say at our preschools.  Want to talk to someone in person who has attend Bend Preschool or used the child care?  Give us a call today.