About Bend Preschool

Here you will find valuable information about our program that you simply can’t get anywhere else.  If after reading through our site and you still have questions, contact us and we’ll be in touch.

The decision to place your child in a childcare center, home, day care or preschool in Bend is one of the tough decisions we as parents face.  From placing a 6 week old, newborn child – to potty training toddlers and working with special needs or the gifted and talented, the Crawmer’s aim is to makes this road a little easier with some guidance along the way.

Did you know that recent research shows children learn the most rapidly before the age of six?  This is why at Bend Preschool we strive to teach them skills that will prepare them for their future.  We teach common skills such as table manners, please and thank you, but also we reach for more then just common, we aim for the heart.

Using American Sign Language our students learn to communicate with both the hearing and deaf.  ASL is the second language used daily for children from 6 weeks to 12 years.  Children learn how to read words in sign before they can read letters in a book!

Humor is a daily part of our lesson plans.  Students learn to laugh out loud at the ridiculous adults that fit right in as children.  Drama and the arts are a passion of ours.  From daily art, home made play dough, kinetic sand, nature walks -art takes all forms. This allows them to experience art in their own way.

Our curriculum Mother Goose Time teaches students phonics, math, science, weather, geography, rhymes, finger plays, letters, numbers and counting all through daily art, crafts and circle time.  As Bend preschool teachers we enjoy bringing a flare of drama to the program—engaging each other and our students to act out good, bad and just plain crazy behaviors, short stories and famous events.

Aromatherapy, Bend Preschool believes helps our students with mood, sleep, focus and fun.  From infants who need support with sleeping, germ prevention, cleaning, hand soaps, cooking, play dough, special events and classes- Essential oils are used in the classrooms as needed to support positive play and learning for our students.

Our final love is music— bringing a sparkle to each child’s eye.  With the wide variety available children should not become bored with the mundane but be excited about the varieties from classical to hip-hop.  In the summer session we teach rhythm and musical patterns.

Our days at Bend Preschool are so packed full of fun our students just don’t want to go home!  TV, you ask… what TV?  There is simply not enough time to watch it nor does our programming allow for it.  Dive on it and check it out…